Councilor Bok’s District 8 Newsletter: June 8, 2020

A Note from Kenzie

Dear friends, 

Firstly, thank you for your continued civic and community engagement. I’m grateful, as always, for our community in District 8 and beyond. A longer newsletter update will be sent out next week, but here are some timely and important items:

  • On Friday, we announced an additional meeting of the Ways and Means Committee which will take place tomorrow, June 9 starting at 10AM. You can watch here. For more information on where we are in the FY21 Boston City Council budget process and how to get involved, please see below. 
  • We will be distributing boxes of food to Mission Main residents on Thursday, June 11th, from 12:30 to 2:30pm. Masks and gloves will be provided for all volunteers. Please sign up here if you are interested in volunteering. The deadline to sign-up is Wednesday, June 10th at 1:00pm.  
  • Community PSA: We’re asking everyone to spread the word and ask friends and neighbors to refrain from setting off fireworks. The noise is traumatic and disruptive for residents, and has been a significant issue across the city over the past few weeks. 

With thanks,

Boston City Council’s FY21 Budget Process

Some info for folks on the Boston City Council FY21 budget process and where we are:

  •  April 8: Mayor Walsh proposed FY21 Budget.
  • April 13 – May 28: The Ways and Means committee hosted 27 hearings on proposed FY21 budget with public testimony, including 3 hearings dedicated to public testimony.
  • June 3: Council took 1st positive vote (out of 2 required) on FY21 capital budget, passed limits on several revolving funds, rejected operating budget without prejudice.
  • Currently, Mayor Walsh’s Administration is reviewing the Council and public’s input.
  • TOMORROW June 9: The Ways and Means Committee is hosting a meeting for Councilors to discuss the budget and hear public testimony. Please see below on how to share your thoughts and learn more. A text description follows.
  • Questions and comments about Boston’s FY21 Budget?
    • You can testify via Zoom during the meeting (Tuesday 6/9 at 10AM). If you would like to do so please email Shane Pac at
    • The deadline to submit a two minute video has passed.
    • You can also submit written testimony by emailing
      • Written testimony received prior to the meeting will be shared with all Councilors in advance of the meeting. Written testimony received after will also be made a part of the meeting record.
    • Click here to learn more about the City Council budget process.
    • Testimony is accepted in all languages and will be translated after for the Council.
  • During the week of June 15: Mayor Walsh resubmits operating budget for City Council review and the City Council begins reviewing the resubmission.
  • On June 24: the Council decides whether to approve the FY21 operating budget and takes the second vote on the FY21 capital budget.

Some budget vocab:

  • Revolving funds are used for programs that take in & expend money for a particular purpose.
  • The capital budget covers funding for infrastructure investments, including schools, comm centers, parks, streets, and bridges. It involves borrowing and requires two 2/3 votes.
  • The operating budget covers day-to-day expenses for City departments including staff, equipment, contractual services, supplies, and materials. 
  • The BPS budget is a separate operating budget docket from the rest of the City departments; the Council must vote on both.

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