Mission Park Produce Delivery: Success!

Dear friends, 

Last week, we were able to deliver an additional 1,100 boxes of fresh produce from Katsiroubas Brothers and Fresh Truck to District 8 residents! This time, our incredible volunteers helped us deliver produce boxes to residents of Mission Park, one of the most vibrant and diverse communities of elders and families in District 8. I am again so grateful to have such a dedicated community of people and partners. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and was involved in facilitating this major accomplishment last week.

I want to give a special shout out to Karen Gately, Lori Taylor, Laura Adams, and the whole team at Roxbury Tenants of Harvard (RTH), plus Nancy Weinstein and the whole team at Trinity Management who partnered with us to organize and execute the delivery.  They’re doing tremendous work to keep their residents safely housed every day. I’m also very grateful to everyone who signed up to volunteer, whether from the Mission Hill and Fenway neighborhoods, my Trinity Church community, or the Red Sox and Red Sox Foundation. Thanks again to the Mayor’s Office of Food Access, the AgeStrong Commission, and the food operations team for their unyielding support, to the folks at About Fresh and Katsiroubas Bros for the food and excellent truck-driving, and to the Boston Resiliency Fund for financing this delivery. Finally, this would not have come together without my staff — thanks again to Lauren, Emily, Henry, & Jon for all the invisible work they do behind the scenes!  

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office if you are in need of anything during this time. You can also visit my website for information on a variety of resources. If this newsletter was forwarded to you or if a friend or neighbor would like to sign up to receive future newsletters, please fill out this form.

With thanks,


Historian’s Corner: Mission Park

Delivering produce to the old neighborhood, which is still a part of Mission Park today. Toni Komst, a Mission Hill resident loading produce in this picture from last week, grew up in the part of Mission Hill that was later demolished.

Mission Park, owned by Roxbury Tenants of Harvard, consists of 1100 units of affordable housing and is home to a close knit community of elders in Mission Hill. Its existence today is a result of fierce advocacy to protect the neighborhood and its residents from displacement in the late 1960s, when Harvard University bought the homes along Francis, Fenwood, St. Alban’s, Kempton Streets, and part of Huntington Avenue. The University planned to evict residents, demolish their homes, and expand their medical campus, but residents like Theresa Parks, with the allyship of Harvard students Doug Levinson, Jeane Neville, and Hayden Duggan, organized and created the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard. After many negotiations with Harvard officials, by 1970, the University agreed to preserve some of the buildings as permanent housing and to provide replacement housing for homes that would have to come down as a result of future University needs. Eventually, through further deliberations with RTH, Harvard University provided assistance in building new housing on vacant land owned by Harvard. Construction of the newer Mission Park buildings began in October of 1975, and by 2000 RTH became the owner of Mission Park. Three of Mission Park’s buildings are named after the Harvard student organizers Doug Levinson, Jeane Neville, and Hayden Duggan. 

Delivering produce to the new buildings

District 8 Pets!

This week’s pets: Bunny Jean of The West End, Charlie of Beacon Hill, Cleo of Beacon Hill, and Jitterbug of Fenway

  • During the stay at home order, pets have benefited from the extra attention. We’d love for you to send photos of your pets to Lauren.Brody@boston.gov 
  • Please include your pet’s name and neighborhood and they will be featured in future newsletters.

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